COVID-19 Risk Assessment

As we prepare to open the salon doors this Thursday, after being closed for nearly 4 months. It is paramount that all government guidelines are followed.

We have rearranged the salon set up, so the 2 meter rule is always adhered to and is easier to make sure cleanliness, is of the highest standards.

Please read below the things we have put in place

The salon
-Full risk assessment undertaken to include COVID-19 risks
-Areas rearranged to adhere to social distancing guidelines
-No walk ins allowed, appointment only
-All surfaces and furniture will be cleaned after each client
-All equipment will be cleaned before and after each client
-One use disposable items will be used where possible
-Assured ventilation throughout the salon with the back door open whenever possible
-PPE worn at all times, including all staff wearing visors

What we ask of you, the clients
-To arrive at the time of your appointment, no earlier or any later
-Wait outside or in your car until we let you know we are ready
-To use hand sanitiser on arrival and after appointment
-To wear a face covering. Please bring your own or we have disposable masks available for £1 each
-Cancel your appointment as soon as possible and do not attend if you have a temperature or any COVID-19 symptoms
-To come alone to your appointment and only bring required personal belongings that can be stored in pocket or handbag
-Keep your personal belongings in your bag or pocket and not use your phone during your appointment
-We can not provide drinks at this time so please bring a bottle of water with you if you would like a drink
-Keep the use of the washroom to a minimum
-Pay by card wherever possible, if this really isn’t possible, please bring the correct money
-For your first appointment back after lockdown please arrive with nothing on your nails for removal. We haven’t allocated enough time to remove home gel polish or glued on nails

We have allocated extra time between appointments for cleaning etc but this is all new to us, so please be patient and bare with us, we will try our very best for your appointment to start on time but cleanliness must come first, so this may not always be possible.

We really appreciate your continued support and look forward to welcoming you back xx

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